Sunday, September 11, 2011

NFL is back!

“We are back to football.” Big play this week Ted Ginn, Jr returns a punt return for 102 yards. Ted Ginn, Jr then returns another punt for 55 yards 59 seconds after his first punt return for his 2011 NFL season opener. Cleveland Browns lose their season opener as the Cincinnati Bengals win their opener without Chad Ochocinco. As highlights footage capturing Dez Bryant reaching for the sky grabbing passes similar to a Charles Barkley rebound. Football has begun and the fans are going crazy. Skip Bayless reports via Twitter no hopes for Shanahan although big Redskins win. Mcnabb gets no airplay and Philadelphia Eagles big upset over St. Louis Rams. Saint Louis Rams suffer a hurt player giving Eagles a big opening season win after a big preseason scoreboard. In a bittersweet preseason start and a 100 million dollar contract Michael Vick is off to a great start. Rookie Cam Newton steals the show with a new NFL rookie record for most first game passing yards. Newton punishes Peyton Manning’s 302 passing yards record. As Newton gathers 422 passing yards against Arizona Cardinals in their season opener, the Panthers suffer the loss. Cam Newton’s touchdown run put the Carolina Panthers in the lead but they fell short losing 28-21 in the end. Ending week one with a double-header with New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins alongside Raiders versus Broncos. Miami attempts to seat some fans acquiring Reggie Bush in their post-NFL Lockout trade agreements. The Patriots and Dophins seem to be the NFL season opener mismatch, big names not a big game. With a 1-7 home mark last years and fans not showing up, Stephen Ross Miami Dolphins owner is determined to get his team in the spotlight again with home team fans. Talks of Reggie Bush being the every down back since Daniel Thomas has been unimpressive in preseason. Adam Shefter is expecting for the Cleveland Browns to make the playoffs. Rookie wide receiver A.J. Green was a fourth overall pick catching a 41-yard touchdown pass to put the Bengals at 1-0. The Bengals went 4-12 last season with Chad Ochocinco. Ochocinco is expected to debut with Brady for the New England Patriots in his hometown Miami, Florida for Monday night football and the end of week one NFL

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Terror Postpones MLK Memorial!

Hurricane Irene blew gust of winds in North America beginning in the Bahamas and extending itself up the East Coast causing evacuations as far North as New York City. The torrential rains and 100 mph winds hovered the Eastern seaboard causing major power outages and Ocean visitors to evacuate. Ocean City, Maryland began calling for evacuations on Thursday leaving Eastern Shore residents wondering how high the tide would rise.

According to Telegraph nearly 4.5 million customers lost power along the East Coast and well inland. The storm “racing to it’s own demise in New England and Canada” killed 14 people in six states.

In Washington, DC MLK Memorial dedication was postponed as Irene rocked waves into the Metropolitan area devastating as it headed up the East coast. The MLK memorial was set on the 48th anniversary of Martin Luther King's “I Have A Dream” speech.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Live on Stage at LOL Comedy

“In Hollywood they want you to already be something before they actually give you something.” Eddie Bryant

LOL Comedy Club hosted by Eddie Bryant a known comedian from Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment and comedy clubs across the nation brings the best shows every weekend to the DMV neighborhood in Temple Hills, Maryland.

LOL Comedy club is the premier comedy spot in the DMV area. This past weekend veteran comedian Joe Clair of BET’s Rap City, Comic View, Def Comedy Jam along with King Kedar of Funny People Marmaduke, and The Preacher’s Kid were in the house.

Eddie and Joe Clair both Morgan State alumni and longtime friends were full of nonstop laughter as they took center stage with King Kedar now an actor in Hollywood. Each and every weekend LOL Comedy Club host four shows with great comedy.


Next main event at LOL Comedy Club is DC Kings of Comedy with Tony Woods, Chris Thomas Mike Brooks and Eddie Bryant at LOL Comedy Club.

“We’re trying to keep comedy alive and well in the world. Not just in DC but all over.” Eddie Bryant

Sunday, August 14, 2011

El Debarge No Call No Show at Historic Lincoln Theater

According to El Debarge put his singing career on hold and checked into a rehabilitation center in February of this year. Addressing his career comeback, the 49 year-old would battle a long history of drug abuse. El Debarge released this statement to his longtime fans.

"I hate to disappoint my fans but it is necessary for me to take the time to work on me so that I may continue to share my music and my story with everyone," the singer has said in a statement. "I thank everyone in advance for their prayers and well wishes and hope that you will respect my privacy during this time."

This past weekend Debarge cancelled his show at the Lincoln Theater after a no show in Washington, DC. Comedian Eddie Bryant from Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment and LOL Comedy Club was accompanying the singer on this historic stage Saturday night and career comeback.

Disappointed fans and comedian who anticipated a sell out crowd stood outside the Lincoln wondering where was El Debarge. El Debarge a hit throughout the early to mid-1980s was the lead singer of the family group Debarge and a Grammy Nominee in 2011.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tattoo Migration

Tattoo parlors are speckled along the Eastern Shore and this weekend Crossbones Tattoo parlor made their debut with a grand opening in Stevensville, Maryland. Parlor owner relocated to the Eastern Shore of Maryland with his daughter to move closer to his mom who was diagnosed with cancer taking a risk after leaving Myrtle Beach for a more family oriented community on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He laments on the idea of hosting a more risque tattoo crowd like in nearby city Baltimore, Maryland. He states, "On the Eastern Shore you have your typical duck and butterfly folks."

Crossbones tattoo parlor is a family oriented zone with everything from kids coloring books to pool tables and guitars hanging on the walls. Following the likes of real life television shows like NY and Miami Ink, tattoos are still the hot form to express your creative side and artistic form on your body. It is necessary to check out the sterility and reputation of all tattoo artist due to the exchange of blood during the tattoo process. Good recommendations and meeting to talk with your tattoo artist is highly recommended for trust and honest tattoo work.

Tattoo parlors today are very comfortable and a relaxed atmosphere set up for any family member although you must be 18 with ID to receive the service.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Economic Boom Hiss

The NY Jets according to ESPN signed Plaxico Burress to a one-year contract announced this morning. ESPN reports Plaxico Burress contract is worth 3.017 million dollars. Plaxico Burress shopped with The Giants, The Steelers, and The 49ers before teaming with Santonio Holmes for a Wide Receiver “tandem” and football money exchange. Players began shifting Monday post-NFL lockout.

Santonio Holmes contract is five years 50 million dollars.

More weekend deals: Thursday Chad Ochocinco signed to Patriots exchanging two draft picks. ESPN reports state, "the Bengals shaved 6 million dollars for trading Ochocinco."

Saints agree to four-year deal with Darren Sproles paying more than San Diego Chargers. Ray Edwards makes a five-year deal with the Falcons for 30 million dollars. Nnamdi Asomugha and the Eagles agree to a five-year deal with 25 million guaranteed totaling a possible 60 million dollars according to Adam Shefter. Eagles also signed Quarterback Vince Young and Cullen Jenkins signed a five-year agreement worth 25 million dollars.

Meanwhile in other entertainment news, “Cowboys and Aliens” trails “Smurfs” closing Friday’s box office at 12.9 million dollars while Smurfs topped at 13.3 million dollars, a surprising defeat and bigger expectations for “Smurfs” after Saturday’s matinee reports.

Budget for “Cowboys and Aliens” is anywhere from 160 million to 200 million, finishing anywhere below 38 million in the debut lessens chances for profitability. Smurfs has a 110 million price tag. “Spy Kids 4” is the next movie on deck to compete in the box office.

Fiscal discipline is good for growth according to NY Times reports thus the reason for recent six-month lockout in the NFL, among other things. While congress debates economic growth is slowed, figures announced on Friday shows United States could “shrink our way into bankruptcy.”

We are facing the largest budget deficit at 1.6 Trillion dollars, which is 11 percent of our economy. Let us play football and/or go to the movies and forget all these debt troubles.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Homeless and An Artist

The Federal Art Project created over 5000 jobs for artist and produced over 225,000 works of art for the American people. These artist labored at their craft for little money. This movement inspired many artists of today. During this time dreams were not allowed to be destroyed by economic disasters The FAP was a division of the WPA helping to provide money to artists on relief.

"This art created for Non-Federal Government buildings was a great symbol for todays struggling underground art."

Well known homeless entertainers are Drew Carey, Halle Berry, Charlie Chaplin, Kurt Cobain, Kelsey Grammar, Kelly Clarkson, Cappadonna to name a few. All artist while identifying an art form are hoping to make money, struggling for that "big break." Skid Row artists showcase their mosaic works in a festival in L.A.

Today we have blogsites like Homeless in LA to support people on the streets of California looking for food.

According to World Socialist Website 8000 to 11,000 people live on "skidrow" under inhumane conditions. It is claimed that "skidrow" is a result of neighborhood gentrification. Los Angeles Chief Police Bratton deals with the problem with arrests for minor infractions.

LA County is considered the "promised land for endless opportunity" while it's homeless population is much more than any other in the country. There have been studies like Blot09 to discover what are the problems the homeless artist are faced with. This study looks at those contemporary and historical policies used to solve these issues.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What does the comedian stand for in 2011?

Eddie Bryant a famous DC comedian talks about comedy now and comedy then. As he poses with Earthquake at LOL Comedy Club this past Friday a frequent act at LOL comedy club along with numerous other acts who perform live across the nation and in the DC, Maryland and Virginia. Eddie is pictured on stage doing his comedy and talking about the history of the black comedian.

Earthquake and Eddie B are pictured Friday night at LOL Comedy both Washington, DC natives. Eddie Bryant is pushing through the comedy movement post Def Comedy Jam with his formula for standup comedians. He knows what it takes to get out there and tell the truth, as all comedians must know. Eddie books the shows for Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club while he tours jumping on and off the comedy stage nationwide full force.

Eddie is a very serious comedian referencing politics, media and social antics. Eddie uses twitter, facebook and all social media access to publicly display his raw talent. We were glad to catch up with Eddie with his busy schedule and get his thoughts on comedy and what is expected of the black comedian then and now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maryland Industrialized Farming

In the 1600s Maryland was known for its production of tobacco and this crop had significant impacts on the state's agriculture, social, and political history according to the University of Maryland Special Collections. Maryland began to provide food for troops during the War of Independence and gained a reputation as the "Breadbasket of the Revolution." From the end of the revolution to the 1800s the farmers faced a decline from soil depletion and the wheat-infesting Hessian fly.

The founding of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in the 1820s facilitated Maryland's ability to distribute agriculture products, Baltimore was established in 1729 as a port for shipping tobacco. Milling and exportation of grain grew in popularity in Baltimore according to University of Maryland Special Libraries Collections. The introduction of a railroad system on Maryland's Eastern Shore opened markets to Philadelphia to lead to extensive agriculture activity.

There was a westward movement of agriculture which reduced Maryland's importance to the nation. In the early twentieth century fruit and vegetable production became more prevalent in Maryland's Eastern Shore. Dairy industry occupied central Maryland and tobacco continued production in southern Maryland.

Special Collections at the University of Maryland

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So When is the Wedding Ochocinco?

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada are gearing up to get married and have twins. While VH1 is preparing to bank on another reality TV series according to TMZ, meanwhile Basketball Wives airs every week with Evelyn Lozada and her special guest Chad Ochocinco. However, Chad plays football and this is basketballwives, Chad wants his own show.

Well tune into Chad on Twitter where he tweets and retweets the most entertaining football star in the NFL talking to all his twitter followers. Everybody loves Chad including Evelyn as she gears up for her wedding or reality show with Chad with or without the nuptials.

A New Reality TV Show?!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cannes Controversial Cinema

What is a film festival? Controversy and confrontation or is it entertainment and glitz? While directors like Lars Von Trier and many other Europeans continue to enlist movies, film critics like Ebert convene mid-Spring and check out the best of cinema, Film d'Art. This all takes place on a seaport off the Mediterranean Sea not far from war in the Middle East/North Africa. The Cannes Film Festival selects it's best!

Jurors like Robert Dinero and movies with names like Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst go on display with the the greatest directors, Shekar Kapur. However, this year's festival left one director out of the press box after foul comments, Lars Von Trier. No surprise while another film had it's debut despite a country's displeasure with the story content. If we were to make a movie about a festival, Cannes would definitely be a great choice sure bet to captivate an audience. Cannes Film Festival confronts audiences, provides a worldview on cinema and erupts out of a sea to host a world audience amongst war and protest.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Serena Williams

According to NY Times headline, "Serena Williams said she will return and defend Wimbledon title." Serena will attend the AEGON International Tournament in Eastbourne and return to defend her title in Wimbledon. Serena has won Wimbledon four times but severed a foot tendon four days after winning Wimbledon a year ago. Later Williams had surgery for a blood clot in her lung, pulmonary embolism.

Serena won her first Grand Slam tournament in 1999. Rule is In order for Serena Williams and Venus Williams to maintain eligibility in the 2012 Olympics they must play in Fed Cup this year and next year. There are many supporters. Billy Jean King is optimistic about Serena's return after such a sudden illness. She attributes Serena's optimism and guts to her will power to return. Williams has shown her knack for jumping back in the game after time off and setbacks, after winning the Australian Open in 2007.

Formerly world ranked at Number 1 and currently world ranked at 25. Serena was first ranked number one in 2002 and again ranked number one in 2009. Presently she is ranked number 20 in doubles along with her sister Venus Williams. Serena Williams has twelve titles in women's doubles along with her two in mixed doubles. She has 13 in singles with a total of 27 Grand Slam titles putting her ninth on the all time list.

Serena Williams has won more career prize money than any other female athlete.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Talk about Good Films

After a conversation with Doug Sadler this week about the Chesapeake Film Festival and his life as an Independent Film Artist it has been more interesting to watch the film industry. The decentralization has impacted film and the artist within it. Independent filmmaking is proliferating all across the board with Documentaries on various subjects and Narratives focusing on relationships. How does the market survive as Doug explains the industry and curates a Film Festival on the Eastern Shore of Maryland along with his supporting cast and crew is the question. Doug says “Money!”

Let the festivals begin! Cannes theaters just let out while Sundance wrapped it up at the end of January. There are more big International Film Festivals like Cannes starting later in the year as Chesapeake Film Festival prepares for their Fourth Annual Film Event. Schedules are being created and movies are being talked about. Doug and the Crew scour all the latest films premiering this last year. One thing for sure they all know the best film and believe in Chesapeake Film Festival.

The Festival started planning five years ago after an initial spearhead group sparked it up, after Doug finished touring Swimmers a film shot in Easton, MD. Swimmers was nominated for the Humanitas Prize at Sundance Film Festival and Won a New American Cinema Award. Chesapeake Festival does not offer awards since they are only a small event. Nonetheless, they are always in the races showing the best everywhere from France to New York premiering Dogtooth last year, a controversial film and Cannes winner!

Doug Sadler is a resident of NY City where he is putting together his own team of film artists in the area of animators, directors, cinematographers and the likes. Doug is ready for this New Film Industry while Big Production houses are creating 3D cinema, working with those small distribution outlets, Doug knows indie film! He is working on scripts all the time and shopping for the next Big Story while trying to create a main event Festival on the Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cannes Film Depictions

This year a controversial festival kicked off with films kicked out. Lars Von Trier was booted from the festival after having the press in his hands for once according to Lars Von Trier told press he understood Hitler after entering a controversial film titled Melancholia. With a jury headed up by Robert Dinero the winner was a Brad Pitt hit.

Terrance Malick’s latest wins Top Cannes,” states headlines while Malick was too shy to accept the award. The Tree of Life after a booing in opening nights won the Palm D’or. Pitt defended Malick by stating, “an artist should not have to be a salesman.” With mixed messages initially for the film Brad Pitt plays “a brutally stern father.”

The festival contestants undergo trials amongst a jury after they have left. The consideration and deliberations are constant amongst critics as they remain and offer constant thoughts chewing and digesting the films played and replayed in Cannes a small beach resort.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bridesmaids or Thor?

If numbers are enough to drive you to the movies you might want to pick Thor or Bridesmaids, based on ratings either or will suffice. But movies are personal preference or character driven, right? With an unexpected 24.6 million dollars during opening weekend who is in Bridesmaids? I know for a raunchy comedic chick flick this is your ideal date movie touching friendship, love, transformations and beginnings. Men are allowed representing 33 percent of Bridesmaids viewers.

In this all too ordinary film, Bridesmaids is all about women spewing their heart and bodily instincts to reach happily ever after. From the producer of Knocked UP and Forty Year Old Virgin Judd Apatow shows he has a formula for comedies in the box office and a feel for human transformations as he aims for a broader audience. Although Thor, which attracts the whole family, is in its second week, leading the box office with the total family formula for success.

With Pirates of the Caribbean on its way, along with Kung Fu Panda II we have greater expectations. If Thor can continue to captivate the family after Memorial Weekend despite cult followers who love Captain Jack and Jack Black numbers will definitely reveal something to studios about their next characters. Will Thor deserve a repeat for studios since tried and true seems to be the thing to do?

However, ladies chick flicks are on the rise too now if Bridesmaids can continue to do well and critics enjoy of course. Bridesmaids are full of laughs, not your typical sap tale drama tearjerker but offering hardcore grit. Meanwhile with numbers above the 50 percentile in opening weekend Bridesmaids is a cut above the rest. As Jumping the Broom an African American wedding story is creeping behind slowly opening the same weekend alongside Thor. One thing for sure going to the movies is still the ice cream on the “Cakebaby!”

No pun intended, just go see Bridesmaids….

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can We get Ready For some Football?

Ray Didinger blames the fans and the owners and states, “Fans are angry about the lockout and they are showing it.” The new schedule is out but fans are not enthusiastic because they don’t know if there should be excitement. Thoughts loom about doing something different on Autumn Sundays. Are the fans really blaming both the owners and the players? Who started this lockout anyway? Well we do know the next court date is May 16, 2011 and we should know a little bit more than…!

In other NFL news some late greats have past, Jim Mandich, Gene Gossage. No NFL on TV so we heard contracts, locked out. You can hear about Ochocinco on twitter and you can watch and get the full story as he tweets about workouts, Soccer and his life, always much love to his fans. So do the players want to play or is it all about the money?

Well according to Didinger they better listen up to the fans and consider all parties, it is not just about the owners or the players. I know as soon as the Seahawks got wind of the lockout lift coach Pete Carroll opened up the doors and passed out playbooks. The short interruption allowed calls to be made and playbooks to get in the mail before the doors were locked again. Sounds like players were ready!

Ochocinco reported the NFL Commissioner made a call to him I guess just to check on his twitter etiquette or perhaps to congratulate Ochocinco on his Soccer Tryouts. One can only guess about the NFL as league owners protect their interest and players create their own public persona while unemployed football players.

Bleach Report makes claims “if the NFL loses its request to grant a stay on the NFL lockout, it could cease to become a business and shutdown completely.” That is if the NFL owners do not get what they want, then who would be the blame for the NFL total lockout? This might force the players to accept the owner’s terms, to begin the games and ensure a better deal for owners in 2011.

Whatever the case most news reports just want to report a deal and a new season. Fans are tired of the legal jargon: decertification and litigation. We already know football brings in the most revenue world wide because the fans love the game but even more TV contracts. So will there be a football season because the players want to go to work and owners could stand to lose money.

That’s if owners haven’t already secured their TV contracts, could cause revenue loss then or are they already secured?. There are claims that the NFL has secured TV contracts to prevent loss of revenue in 2011, in case there is a lockout all season. There maybe a DirectTV contract. Nevertheless; the NFL generates the bulk of their monies, through very large TV deals. According to Neilsen in 2008 five of the top ten single events were NFL related.

Can we get ready for some football? One can only hope at this point or else we will just watch more Reality TV and hope Ochocinco has a show!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ochocinco U Stream

"The judge does not define the turning point in her opinions, but it is clear in reading them that she was enormously impressed with a series of affidavits (sworn, written statements) from Berthelsen and knowledgeable player agents that described the precarious nature of an NFL career. Sitting out an entire season, the affidavits explained, would result in "diminishment of skills that would shorten or end the careers of some players." according to ESPN Commentary

Well why are the NFL Players still in a "lock-out?" Due to a temporary stay order granted to owners as they appeal to higher courts. Now NFL players are still restricted away from NFL facilities, leaving them without pay, health insurance, rehabilitation and sights of a NFL the clock ticks. How long will this last? Well the owners could very well abandon a season, their commissioner has reduced his salary down to a single dollar. Besides the NFL produces the most revenue of any sports league in the world.

"..ever-present risk of career-ending injury and the constant physical wear and tear on players' bodies." The owners offered nothing in response to the descriptions of players' plights, so those descriptions of the uncertainties and dangers of NFL careers were uncontradicted. Nelson was clearly impressed. If they were not the turning point for Nelson, the affidavits were a major factor."
states Lester Munson on ESPN Commentary

However, will higher courts appeal. Not likely since Judge Nelson has done her homework according to Munson. Owner's attorneys relied on everything to convince Judge Nelson. Although she was adamant that relying on prior Supreme Court decisions was "deeply flawed" as owners attorneys hoped for her to look at the Labor Relations Board. Quite frankly the owners are trying to reconsider the rule that governs monopolies; which control entire markets, however the players have decertified and filed an antitrust law on the lockout. A major move against owners, while owners stall for time and money.

Now players wait to play a game they love, while fans sit on "pins and needles," and the owners fight basing arguments on a case known as "American Needle." Meanwhile in OCNN Breaking News, live news feed covering play by play Ochocinco action off the football field. Ochocinco is where it's happening...while he works out during the lockout to maintain his athletic prowess and power. Ochocinco does keep out of trouble while entertaining and having fun, the same as he enjoys himself on the field.

The games have only begun? As Judges decide the fate of the NFL by reenforcing the Sherman Act (antitrust laws) and keeping the interest of the public, we love football! Ochocinco definitely keeps his fans in mind, All Eyes on Ocho! We cannot wait to see what Chad will do next, meanwhile owners appeal to avoid sharing a profit with their NFL players. Keep Your Head Up and just watch Ochocinco! He will display his superior athletic talent sharing workout strategies on twitter, just plain thoughts, bull riding plans, while being charismatic and cool. In the words of Ochocinco "What Lockout? I Salut U, Child Please!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

Im watching movie scenes. I am planning to shoot a short film. What is a short film just a quick glimpse of miniature scenes that begin and end to create a miniature story. I am the camera woman, the actress and the set director. Oh and the costume chick. Just don't know exactly what she will be doing besides self appreciation. So I figured I would go to brunch and write some ideas of self appreciation and brain storm this world she lives in. Wait a minute what is her name?

What is in a name? Lots for some, although it clearly can't define a whole person. It can only really make an initial statement that helps you create an outline to lay out who you really are at that moment. Most are changing, although some are staying the same. So those that are changing have to introduce every time. That is what the name does introduces you and then you lay out the blueprint.

So I have already designed the idea for this short because ultimately I want this character to introduce herself through her glory. Introduction through her appreciation of herself and feeling all the amazing things she is inside. Should not be hard although the intricacies must be perfect. I am excited are you. What do we do when we first get up and appreciate ourselves? Look out the window at the sun filled sky. Giving honor to the greater picture that guides us and gives us light.

Light is a character because as the sun goes down we seek the artificial. Seeking the artificial sucks especially as humans we should seek what is natural candles I need candles. I have a prior short that was done using candles and it was amazing with an artist that sings. So this art is visual she can bring song to pictures and that is what this short will do. Thanks so much for allowing me to share and get into my world as I walk you through amazing picture stories with words and dimensions unknown.

Seek yourself!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince Harry: Not Permitted by a King

Prince William is getting married and Prince Harry is his best man. Although journalist are looking closely at Prince Harry as the Washington Post states “The world is just wilder about Harry….”

Why are they calling Harry “The Spare Heir?” Williams little brother is a mountain trekker, a pilot and the next guy to the future King. “The Spare” according to The Washington Post. In the old days the spare would be dispatched abroad for strategic marital alliances. Nowadays they debate the point of sovereignty.

The reduction of Harry’s power by the Washington Post makes you wonder even more about this interesting young man who is his brothers “Best Man.” So far he has a dynamic life and what role will he play once his brother becomes king? Surely we know that sibling relationships are undisputed and he will factor prominently.

Although the story in our Nation’s Capital has him pegged like the plague since Williams first child will be next in line and then their first and so on and so forth. So will Harry go with the old antiquated tradition and marry off into some other prominent country's sovereignty? Harry definitely just wants to support his brother and is fond of his sister in law as he has stated.

I think by enticing Harry to the United States to marry a good ole American queen might just be divine. After all they don’t seem to appreciate the sovereignty of the spare in England so it seems. Who is this lucky catch, since Hollywood seems to be where we encapsulate our prominent figures who is up for the taking? Could Harry fall in love with an American gal or would the Queen not have it?

Well we do have sometime since right now we are worrying about Prince William and Harry is only a blur. He has time to grow and add on to his own royal pursuit because one thing we know for sure they will not be gifted to Harry. As long as we can keep Harry away from wild parties and swastika and if he can maintain focus. Harry will be a great add on to the throne and provide good company for his brother just in case he wants to let loose around the collar. Although we all know this is not permissible for the King.

Prince Harry's Life

Packing up to Leave Home

It is never easy to leave your comfort zone but for those of us who just love to go and see the world seeking something we love, travel is everything. However, getting geared up to go is the hard part, we never really want to leave the comforts of our home. So we take everything that we need to make sure that we are set up properly, home is where the heart is. This will be an interesting journey. “Just go do it already!”

When I left to go to Washington, DC I had prepared properly. Peace. I didn’t really want anything but a change of scenery and not to have to cook. Those two things were simple leave and stay in a hotel without a kitchen. Now off to see the Wizards although basketball playoffs were happening and the Wizards were in the offseason. Oh well there is plenty to do anyway…Museums maybe? Although, I was open to discoveries with those kindred spirits who always have a great vibe, I seek art during my travels.

I checked into a pretty fancy hotel not too much but just enough, family and friends. I should feel comfortable in my bed so I will not miss my house. The bed is one of the most prominent pieces in a loving home and my favorite place to tweet. Three of my top favorite “tweeters:” @mentalorgasm @joigilliam, and @uptshottest! Those three are the realest and quite interesting to dialogue with at any given moment, been with me from the start on twitter. Now I am taking them on the road.

Could not leave town with out my music. Since my new trusty Iphone is “Numero Uno” in the audio media business that should not be a problem. Always can tune into Itunes or YouTube. My trip was ready to go and the “choo choo” train was pulling out that’s my text message sound. “All A Board!” Washington, DC hadn’t really changed to me, although I didn’t see much Chocolate…Red Line Metro!

When I arrived I set up an interview with “Bella” from She was exciting! She was art in the purest form. I was lucky to catch up with her. Never a dull moment we took pictures in the dark, laid in front a flowerbed on the hotel lawn. This chick understands improvisation. She gave me a brief moment in her mind and then she was off to the city like a whirlwind affair.

Next day

We were hiking with @supergirlinc another soul survivor friend. Been there through the thick and thin knew this would be an easy breezy conversation, just interested in a little outlook on life. We met at the Monument, hung out on The Mall and said cheers to baby Jesus and Jah Rastafari before hiking to the Madarin Hotel. No! @supergirlinc was not staying there, that is not her style anymore, she discussed this new person, “Life After Bad Boy.” She is a much natural spirit who appreciates the birds and the tree,s a VA native at birth.

The Big Apple was something in in "SuperGirls" past and she let it be known, after that talk decided to paddle boat on the waterfront and reflect on artistic business. Those two femme fatales represented just that. This trip was coming to an end and my social ecology sight was vamped and curated with the top female dimensions to curate to post on the walls and timelines on Tumblr, Twitter, or Bloggerspot.

This weekend getaway was the turning point into the artistic journey. Realizing I was always in search of inspiration and real live action. Allowing myself to be moved by God and seek the creative flow of life’s energies made me that same kindred spirit wanting to inspire. It is a must to interact and share vital ideas and information in the purest form, art.

So the last day was spent picking up a few fashion pieces. DC has the best in fashion the town is pretty much made up of boutiques reminded me of home. As I drifted back to the bay I knew this was only the beginning of where I was going. Washington, DC was definitely the kickoff and staying in touch with folks to discuss and plan excursions through a travel blog would definitely keep the creative adrenaline pumping. I was recreating myself, becoming a social enigma and about to ooze with creative ideas.

Discovering Yourself While Away…Stay Up with People

I guess this is what “Eat Pray Love” is about the artistic inspirational journey, be inspired. “The Neverending Story” you never want it to end. So when you can defy Mercury and jet set to the moon on a beautiful Sagittarian day hitting up any social networks to see what is popping. You are definitely what is happening, keeping those inspired, the mind wanderer for folks everywhere.

Staying on the latest trends in music, thoughts and clothes, stay tuned for more to come. To Be Cont...On The Ground Running!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easton a Jewel on The Chesapeake Bay

Veering off of Route 50 East or turning on any of the main arteries will take you to the best little small town located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. When you arrive in Easton, MD no need for a road map, the town is a grid that runs a short distance North and South and just a little longer East and West. The perfect little map. If you go too far west you will hit a small inlet of water but you don’t want to miss this luxurious little treasure hunt fully equipped with the best church option. YOu wold haven't to miss a service or a beat, If you come at the right time. Around the first of September you catch oyster season and The Chesapeake Film Festival.

The Chesapeake Film Festival is a volunteer organization set up for a weekend in September to present the best films and filmmakers worldwide. In this town you will feel right at home while visiting. Any one of the town members will help you get in touch and there are a number of the best you want to find local events. For a writer this sounds like just the place to kick back for a weekend getaway or stay awhile. All of the main streets have a store, this lil small town was made for shopping. Get a hotel and stay awhile to sip some coffee or drink some tea you will find Easton is quite a luxury at least for those who know how to live and enjoy life.

It is all about living and everybody knows that in this little town with a little over 16,000 inhabitants. The Chesapeake Film Festival puts together a number of engagements that culminate a tour of the whole town exhibiting the flair of every restauranteur. Gearing the other weekend to present a number of films while raising money, showcasing food or hosting the main event amidst a variety of small shops to keep you coming back for more. This place is unique and perfect for souvenirs and personal treats to take home while you go on a cultural tour. It feels like you are traveling abroad.

A real tranquil feeling in Easton, Maryland this main street town offers everything in a city. Did I mention there is a museum?

You might find a traveling author writing about the place or presenting book already written already. The Academy of Art Museum’s galleries will always enrich you with an authentic artistic explosion from a National Museum accompanied by a free children's art event on the weekend. Did I mention The Avalon Theater is kicking off a weekly concert and you might get lucky and catch Wynton Marsalis' weekend to visit or maybe even a comedy event for a REAL interesting occasion. I once the Greatest and Terrific Eddie Bryant, this town is fun and courageously bold located on the Eastern Shore. Just don’t expect to stay out too late or better yet grab a bite to eat early or you might be eating Wendy’s late night if you get too hungry. YOu dont want to have to do that here.

However, brunch is first thing in the morning and you have only just begun in this small lil town. Early morning farmers markets will greet you and tiny market places are rich with local crops and crafts during the summer season. Easton is definitely some fun a real treasure hunt that could never be duplicated. Either culture or trade this once capital has of the Eastern Shore, Easton will definitely show you and delight you. The restaurants are like no other and the prices are a good range along with your usual local carryout express or sit down fine dining you will get specialized courses and not just seafood.

The top chefs here have a variety of delectable entrees. Or if you prefer some authentic Spanish cuisine venture into our Hispanic neighborhood decipher the menu to pick a big burrito or fajita to taste true Hispanic carryout. There is everything here.

Whether restaurant, a festival, art or music this small town is chock full of fun and you will never walk away forgetting what you took away here and you will definitely like it and want to come back. Easton, MD a small seat on the Eastern Shore located in Talbot County birthplace of Frederick Douglass. A beautiful plush town just off the bay or the highway.

So if the Chesapeake Film Festival doesn’t grab you for a planned weekend getaway then maybe just one of the restaurants might pull you in for a day trip. Our shops stay stocked with the best novelties. Easton is full of the riches gifts that most will never find anywhere else. Why not come and have a bite to eat or watch a movie in a small town on the Easton Shore that is full of energy and friendly folk who love to say "Hello."

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Amanda Hesser Talks about Food52

Amanda Hesser is a doll set perfectly as your kitchen friend with her small stature and personal charm she brings love for the kitchen and it shows. Beginning her career making pretzels in Germany and broadening a career in the United States as an editor for the NY TIMES then marrying Tad Friend, Amanda has some kind of life. Not to mention lucky enough for twins it is all about Amanda has become a totally independent journalist still moving about the kitchen to make what we all love, food.

"Muse" had the opportunity to talk with Amanda where she let us know it is all about community cooking with Food52 as it becomes the community food network for favorite cooks and recipes. Amanda takes all her time now interacting with others who love food as much as herself. She developed this love from her own family as tradition grew into her very own book The Essential NY Times Cookbook.

Amanda continues to operate her test kitchen with Merrill, her Food52 partner. As they work side by side reviewing recipes for everyone's kitchen while answering everyone's questions and interacting with Food52 visitors and the many thoughts and ideas about food and cooking. Amanda knows how to reel you in as she shares her kitchen ideas. Expanding as a writer with family in tow, Amanda is led by a family of great cooks. She knows how to keep tradition alive in the kitchen and in the community.

Check out "Cooking for Mr. Latte" as Amanda shares her courtship with her husband, Tad Friend. She definitely knows how to write a story, having written over 750. Amanda is now looking to write about others and share their personal stories after integrating her own life in most of her writing. Amanda Hesser is an amazing person and great to talk to check out her books and love for the kitchen at Food52!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Independent Media Journalist

Upon careful review of random film critics while traveling the globe for film festivals my interest in film grew. My interpretation of this evolving artistic form inspired me to write, interpret all art forms and introduce my insight to the world of mass media. After enrolling in a writing program and opening up to a world of all the latest media forms I could disseminate all my experiences. Now I will challenge myself to become a blogger for hire.

How I might satisfy this insatiable desire to travel, write continuously, while getting paid is like finding the code to the matrix. Who wants my story and what makes my story so juicy? Carefully combing those blog sites that occupy visitors on a regular was where I looked for the answers. This will unlock this tremendous world of blogs. First finding those blogs Bloggers For Hire was the first stop. It was here that I had hoped to get just the answer and I was looking so I kept on reading what exactly a blog should entail.

I found the next blog Copyblogger. Now I was on my way to be that gracious blogger for hire with a definitive style. However, I thought how much had I really written professionally and did I feel comfortable with just writing. I needed a plan. For years I had planned in my head to write about everywhere and how I hoped to bring my travels to life for others with words. I ended up with bins of unfinished journals that never became formalized and lots of photos/videos that remain unedited. My thoughts were slowly turning to trash.

Until now, I put myself to the test to create the discipline, be guided by mentors and comb the market for networking channels. I continue to locate the best stories that any and everyone would love to hear. I had the formula and I would work night and day visualizing ideas. I began studying Youtube, Twitter and all the links to social media finding top places that people visited. Next to write about social commentaries that inspires my artistic vision. I want a market larger than hotdamnirock, which has over 500,000 viewers on Youtube.

Carefully researching my plan was intact. Make short videos, link my videos to my blog, write bi-weekly and email Jim Turner at One By One Media since he was recommended to get my blogger working for me. Ater I traffic my 500 Facebook followers by linking my twitter to Facebook, while following the Ochocinco marketing mania by never forgetting to tweet since according to the NY Times he was "the second most influential personality on twitter."

I am on my way.....FILM FETISH!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ochocinco a Twitter Phenom!!

Ochocinco a twitter phenomenal and more influential then Barack Obama says NY TIME. The fact is based on his twitter frequency and candid conversation with his public through random tweets to his critics, his outings with his soccer team (Chad is trying out) or Spanish conversation with his fiancé Evelyn. Ochocinco is a great personality type and knows how to work it.

Tomorrow he plays his first professional soccer game after beginning tryouts last Tuesday in Kansas City. But Ochocinco has been everywhere Dancing with the Stars, Laundry mats in Los Angeles or visiting grandma in his home town Miami while he waits for the next football season according to twitter. The question is will he play football? Well Ochocinco says he does not think he will be taking any of the player's day jobs and once the Bengals begin after the lockout settlements Chad Johnson is committed again to football. He chose football for practical reasons. However, Soccer is his first love.

Chad believes he will be in the best of shape after running and receiving the pitch from professional soccer players in Kansas City. Ochocinco knows he is fast after beating a horse for a charity fundraising event for Africa. It is written he is faster then some of his cars coming out the hole. Ochocinco's book tells the story. He has the right to brag based on his success as an athlete it speaks volumes and he has even challenged Floyd Mayweather in a fight. Ochocinco has athleticism!

The Next Question is where will you find Chad Ochocinco? Chad will keep you updated! And where ever Chad is you will definitely feel the love and passion that he holds for his life as an athlete and ability to run, kick and catch while upholding his public persona. Chad Ochocinco check him out Monday as he plays soccer and awaits his fate as a professional soccer player playing in a "reserve" wearing a Sporting KC Jersey!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Ocho Cinco at the Laundrymat


Here we are in the middle of Ochocinco mania while the world is at war! Great another thing for us Americans to worry about...Meanwhile the FINAL Four is entering the Sweet 16 and are on the road to HOUSTON! What are you going to say about that if this isn’t news then what is? Well on the local front a small little town nestled on the Eastern Shore, considered a Main Street host its annual Restaurant Week to kick-off spring. No pun intended.

While Ochocinco finishes his first week of tryouts we await the winners of the weekend games! Well...I chose one team VCU and I have four more too choose before the weekend officially begins. VCU just because of my alma mater located in Hampton Roads and since Georgetown and Duke are out of it I cannot choose those two childhood teams that always give me basketball nostalgia like Allen Iverson...Where is A.I.?

But Ochocinco is where it's at right now because whether he is on twitter shooting the smack or loving it up you can anticipate another great showing of talent! What more can you ask for in America? Besides a good game of football! OH yeah…Peace in Africa!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decided to Watch the 11pm DC News!!

I caught the news tonight...

A child shot to death in front of his home. A man convicted of child pornography, a rapist and a dead fire fighter. What else...Meanwhile there is war in Libya. I really don't know what to say. Should I even tune in or just pick and choose articles in the newspaper while surfing the net for articles of interest. Anyhow...I do need to catch the news.

Or I could just window shop and critique products and leave the bad stuff alone. No matter there is always something to report and thankfully we have the luxury of getting lost in those things. I know everybody wants to know a good place to shop, a good place to eat or a fun place to visit. Hey can't forget a great song to listen to or even better a really nice movie. Oh yeah...there is just so much to write about.

Oh I know how a thought transpires the mind. Now there is something when we sit in a space and drift away thinking of those things that are most important to us at that specific moment in time. We all like to feel that good feeling if only we might be able to adequately explain. To capture with just the write words, heavenly. Not a poem but just a brief prose. It is like capturing a picture. I can dig it....

Whatever the case we should be writing because I do believe people are reading and we must always know what to say. You never know who is watching...Oh I forgot to tell you the other news report I heard on the late night news. Pole dancing for Jesus now that is when I had to turn it off and just tune into twitter. Now that deserved a tweet...A small statement that will draw a big thought.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I want to see RANGO!!

I love Johnny Depp! I appreciate him in a family animation, although I was never a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean. My quest to find Johnny Depp films is all based on wanting to see if he acts well. I often do not recognize him throughout the film. He is "The Actor" and he does embody each and every character. One of my favorite J.D. films is Willie Wonka, because he had the best lines while he held that stiff pensive face. The whole movie you almost did not know it was J.D. In Alice in Wonderland he was no longer beautiful.

Now he is a masked character in total animation. What will his voice embody, pure genius. I cant wait until he goes to the next phase and decides to do soft porn or something. Although he is a family man and I am sure he is walking through the stages of fatherhood. J.D. is amazing and I just love his family cult films that we will always remember. Rango topped the weekend with 38 million and I am not surprised. Go Johnny!!

Alice grossed 116 million on opening weekend but of course everybody knows Alice. Johnny just can draw the crowd and I would predict once the buzz gets out which decides if this is a decent film, numbers will be steady. I cant wait to see RANGO! Now whether I decide to go and see it in the theater that is the question.

I have recently begun to love watching films in the comforts of my own home. The luxury of the theater has lost its luster since moving to the Eastern Shore. I know longer have the excitement of big city lights, rushing to the box office to make the opening credits or catching that before or after dinner entree. Does that say it is better to have dinner and a movie in the city? Is it the culture of the city to do such a thing?

I know that getting the DVD and having and holding the film in your own possession while you listen to the critics talk is pure excitement. Then you watch the prices go up and down in Target to eventually catch it on a Previously viewed Blockbuster shelf. After taking it home and watching it numerous times to pick up your favorite lines, while enjoying the films every moment. Now I think that is amazing.

OH but the joys of the large movie theaters are like no other if you got great seats, big theaters and brights lights upon walking out to the hustle and bustle is definitely facebook material. So what is it that is so important about seeing a movie? I mean this is how we begin to follow actors like Johnny Depp to make him a household name while he moves in and out of strange characters like Rango. We all do appreciate the great entertainment because what we do know is movies are like no other, no matter whether it is Johnny Depp or Ed Norton. A good film is a good film either seen in a theater or your living room. It is just where you want to spend your money!

Friday, March 4, 2011

ABIIBA HOWELL...: Going the Extra Mile...

ABIIBA HOWELL...: Going the Extra Mile...: "@font-face { font-family: 'Times'; }@font-face { font-family: 'MS 明朝'; }@font-face { font-family: 'Cambria Math'; }@font-face { fon..." What a great Story for the ambitious ones!!!

What is a blog?

Dear World,

I am so enthusiastic about my recent endeavor as an online media journalist that I can hardly sort my thoughts. I have always written in diaries, notebooks, calendars and basically put pencil to paper but most recently I have subscribed to the media journalism pool and loved it. I have played around with creating my niche by sharing ideas an insights for those hobbies I hold near and dear, ART! Film has been at the forefront as I have studied and watched them for years now but finally understanding the critique and their function in our society. Most recently, divinely I encountered Julia & Julia and this movie was for me where film meets blogging and a perfect entryway into my new career endeavor. OH the joys of LIFE similar to "The Joy of Cooking!"

I found out the purpose of blogging in a film where a woman decided to blog about what she does which was cooking. Lightbulb...Not only was it a ritual it was a passion and it highlighted something great online journalism. So maybe I can get back to my regularly scheduled appointments with books that I read on a daily about those things that enhance my life and just blog about daily living for now and never give up like Julia & Julia. Someone might read it in the void that we thrust ourself in to just to become a media journalist in an uncertain space. If I can only accept the idea of being followed and just trust my instinct as I become the critic and will be critiqued. The bitter sweet world is just like chocolate U got to love it.....

And now I am on track to learn and grow in this ever changing world while constantly perfecting those crafts that I will formalize and make unique to stand out in a space that holds A Google....PEACE and LOVE!

An Evening with Julie & Julia - March 27, 2011

5 PM at the Historic Tidewater Inn Gold Ballroom

Presented by Eventful Giving and local restaurants as part of Talbot Restaurant Week.

All proceeds to benefit local food banks.

Looking for a great experience? If you are a foodie, you will not want to miss...

this special evening, which includes a five-course dinner featuring 11 different dishes inspired by recipes from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Amanda Hesser's The Essential New York Times Cookbook. Recipes will be prepared by some of Talbot County's finest chefs with all food donated by the participating restaurants.

j & j poster

5 PM Drinks and Appetizers

5:45 PM Julie & Julia film screening (123 minutes)

Questions and Answers with Amanda Hesser and

Julie Powell.


Fabulous Silent Auction Items

About Our Special Guests:

Amanda Hesser has designed a seventeenth-century - style herb garden at a French Chateau, developed the Twitter app Plodt, and appeared in Julie & Julia, playing herself. She began her career as a kitchen runner and bread truck driver in college, then picked grapes in France, made pretzels in Germany, and cleaned rabbits in Italy. As a long time staffer at the New York Times, Hesser has written more than 750 stories, created the columns Food Diary and Recipe Redux, and was the food editor at the Times Magazine, where she launched T Living.

She has written the award-winning books Cooking for Mr. Latte and The Cook and Gardener, and edited the essay collection,Eat, Memory, based on a column she conceived for the Times Magazine. Her latest book is The Essential New York Times Cookbook. She is also the co-founder of Hesser lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Tad Friend, and their two children.

Julie Powell thrust herself from obscurity (and an uninspiring temp job) to cyber-celebrityhood when, in 2002 she embarked on an ambitious yearlong cooking (and blogging) expedition through all 524 recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She detailed the experience in her critically acclaimed 2005 New York Times bestselling memoir, Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously, which was adapted into a major motion picture starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in August 2009.

Julie has made appearances on national television shows and ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's The Early Show to The Martha Stewart Show and Food Network's Iron Chef America, and her writing has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers including Bon Appétit, Food and Wine, Harper's Bazaar, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and more. She is a two-time James Beard Award winner in Journalism, was awarded an honorary degree from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and was the first ever winner of the Overall Lulu Blooker Prize for Books. Her highly anticipated second book, Cleaving was published in December 2009.

The Raffle:

Lunch with Julie Powell & Amanda Hesser For Six Diners & Three Charities

At Mason's Gourmet Restaurant in Easton on Saturday, March 26, 2011

A dream dining experience awaits you at Mason's Gourmet Restaurant, an Eastern Shore dining treasure, offering a remarkable array of New American fare plus great pastries and baked goods, all served by an impeccable staff. Imagine yourself and five of your friends dining, laughing and chatting with Julie Powell and Amanda Hesser.

The likelihood that you might be the winner is high. Eventful Giving is selling just 100 tickets at $100 each. And all the proceeds are being donated to St. Vincent de Paul, St. Michaels Community Food Bank, and the Neighborhood ServiceCenterto help feed the hungry in Talbot County.

The lucky winner will be announced on March 20, 2011 during the kickoff event for Talbot Restaurant Week at The Oaks - A Country Inn where 20 restaurants will feature their signature or select foods from 5-7 PM for Celebrate Talbot! Sample, Sip & Savor. To purchase your opportunity to be the lucky winner, visit or call 410-820-8175 or stop by the Talbot Visitors Center at 11 S Harrison Street in Easton. You need not be present to win.

To Purchase Dinner Reservations, Raffle Tickets or Make a Contribution:

Cost is $75 per person ($35 tax deductible) for Julie and Julia dinner reservation. Raffle tickets are $100 per ticket. Reservations, raffle tickets and tax-deductible donations can be made by sending a check payable to Eventful Giving to theTalbot Visitors Center, 11 S Harrison Street, Easton, MD 21601. Credit card dinner reservations, raffle ticket purchases and donations can be made through the Mid-Shore Community Foundation's website at Guest list at the door. Raffle tickets will be mailed. For more information, reply to this e-mail or call 410-820-8175.

Eventful Giving, which is a component fund of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, will share all proceeds with three local food banks: St. Vincent de Paul, St. Michaels Community Food Bank, and theNeighborhood Service Center.

For more information about Restaurant Week Events:

Talbot Restaurant Week Restaurants