Friday, April 1, 2011

Independent Media Journalist

Upon careful review of random film critics while traveling the globe for film festivals my interest in film grew. My interpretation of this evolving artistic form inspired me to write, interpret all art forms and introduce my insight to the world of mass media. After enrolling in a writing program and opening up to a world of all the latest media forms I could disseminate all my experiences. Now I will challenge myself to become a blogger for hire.

How I might satisfy this insatiable desire to travel, write continuously, while getting paid is like finding the code to the matrix. Who wants my story and what makes my story so juicy? Carefully combing those blog sites that occupy visitors on a regular was where I looked for the answers. This will unlock this tremendous world of blogs. First finding those blogs Bloggers For Hire was the first stop. It was here that I had hoped to get just the answer and I was looking so I kept on reading what exactly a blog should entail.

I found the next blog Copyblogger. Now I was on my way to be that gracious blogger for hire with a definitive style. However, I thought how much had I really written professionally and did I feel comfortable with just writing. I needed a plan. For years I had planned in my head to write about everywhere and how I hoped to bring my travels to life for others with words. I ended up with bins of unfinished journals that never became formalized and lots of photos/videos that remain unedited. My thoughts were slowly turning to trash.

Until now, I put myself to the test to create the discipline, be guided by mentors and comb the market for networking channels. I continue to locate the best stories that any and everyone would love to hear. I had the formula and I would work night and day visualizing ideas. I began studying Youtube, Twitter and all the links to social media finding top places that people visited. Next to write about social commentaries that inspires my artistic vision. I want a market larger than hotdamnirock, which has over 500,000 viewers on Youtube.

Carefully researching my plan was intact. Make short videos, link my videos to my blog, write bi-weekly and email Jim Turner at One By One Media since he was recommended to get my blogger working for me. Ater I traffic my 500 Facebook followers by linking my twitter to Facebook, while following the Ochocinco marketing mania by never forgetting to tweet since according to the NY Times he was "the second most influential personality on twitter."

I am on my way.....FILM FETISH!

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