Im a libra and I LOVE EVERYTHING AESTHETICALLY pleasing.   My moon is in Pisces so I have to get the spiritual uplifting on a regular and I seek art in every aspect of my livelihood.  I grew up strict bible belt Christian and have learned to be ecumenic with ALL Religious Disciplines while I follow the Sun Moon and Planetary placements for the the greatest energy on EARTH.

I am a mother of three Sags and one Virgo.   I am appreciative of the great Sagittarius philosophy that surround me on the regular and help guide me to an even greater purpose.  The personality of the VIRGO dictates my love since my Venus planet lies in VIRGO.  I am laid back cool calm and collected in working on LOVE but great inspiration comes from THE MENTAL 2 ME!

Music is my first love since words are like rhythm and they must always be visually correct.  I love dictionaries and antiquated text.  I am a lover of nature and it's serenity thus my appreciation for the beach and the sand beneath my feet.  I am an all around lover of life and aim high for self actualization from those around me along with myself.

Fashion plays a major part in my mood and I love all the hottest novelties on my body.  I have always observed fine taste in clothes and quality taste tells me a great deal about a person.  I travel far and wide for film festivals but I do not like to drive nor do I like airplanes; an oxymoron.  Shakespeare is my favorite play write.

I was once a teacher of science and I have worked on various film shoots, and transcribed documentaries while I have acted on stage, TV pilots and short film productions.  I am an artist and I know that all colors do match and light makes anything beautiful!  

I will try and differentiate my blogspot into three categories through THINKINWATA, OCTOBERDRO and FILMFETISH as I create a ritual of writing those random, extraordinary and tremendous thoughts drawn from the universe.  As trends arise a careful critique of those awesome ideas and how it might impact us will be explored.  Through my many experiences I will create a blog amalgamation which highlights the glories of my life and those unique individuals that have a great impact.

I hope you enjoy everything and learn lots from what I share while enjoying my artistic journey.  PEACE

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