Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ochocinco a Twitter Phenom!!

Ochocinco a twitter phenomenal and more influential then Barack Obama says NY TIME. The fact is based on his twitter frequency and candid conversation with his public through random tweets to his critics, his outings with his soccer team (Chad is trying out) or Spanish conversation with his fiancé Evelyn. Ochocinco is a great personality type and knows how to work it.

Tomorrow he plays his first professional soccer game after beginning tryouts last Tuesday in Kansas City. But Ochocinco has been everywhere Dancing with the Stars, Laundry mats in Los Angeles or visiting grandma in his home town Miami while he waits for the next football season according to twitter. The question is will he play football? Well Ochocinco says he does not think he will be taking any of the player's day jobs and once the Bengals begin after the lockout settlements Chad Johnson is committed again to football. He chose football for practical reasons. However, Soccer is his first love.

Chad believes he will be in the best of shape after running and receiving the pitch from professional soccer players in Kansas City. Ochocinco knows he is fast after beating a horse for a charity fundraising event for Africa. It is written he is faster then some of his cars coming out the hole. Ochocinco's book tells the story. He has the right to brag based on his success as an athlete it speaks volumes and he has even challenged Floyd Mayweather in a fight. Ochocinco has athleticism!

The Next Question is where will you find Chad Ochocinco? Chad will keep you updated! And where ever Chad is you will definitely feel the love and passion that he holds for his life as an athlete and ability to run, kick and catch while upholding his public persona. Chad Ochocinco check him out Monday as he plays soccer and awaits his fate as a professional soccer player playing in a "reserve" wearing a Sporting KC Jersey!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Ocho Cinco at the Laundrymat


Here we are in the middle of Ochocinco mania while the world is at war! Great another thing for us Americans to worry about...Meanwhile the FINAL Four is entering the Sweet 16 and are on the road to HOUSTON! What are you going to say about that if this isn’t news then what is? Well on the local front a small little town nestled on the Eastern Shore, considered a Main Street host its annual Restaurant Week to kick-off spring. No pun intended.

While Ochocinco finishes his first week of tryouts we await the winners of the weekend games! Well...I chose one team VCU and I have four more too choose before the weekend officially begins. VCU just because of my alma mater located in Hampton Roads and since Georgetown and Duke are out of it I cannot choose those two childhood teams that always give me basketball nostalgia like Allen Iverson...Where is A.I.?

But Ochocinco is where it's at right now because whether he is on twitter shooting the smack or loving it up you can anticipate another great showing of talent! What more can you ask for in America? Besides a good game of football! OH yeah…Peace in Africa!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decided to Watch the 11pm DC News!!

I caught the news tonight...

A child shot to death in front of his home. A man convicted of child pornography, a rapist and a dead fire fighter. What else...Meanwhile there is war in Libya. I really don't know what to say. Should I even tune in or just pick and choose articles in the newspaper while surfing the net for articles of interest. Anyhow...I do need to catch the news.

Or I could just window shop and critique products and leave the bad stuff alone. No matter there is always something to report and thankfully we have the luxury of getting lost in those things. I know everybody wants to know a good place to shop, a good place to eat or a fun place to visit. Hey can't forget a great song to listen to or even better a really nice movie. Oh yeah...there is just so much to write about.

Oh I know how a thought transpires the mind. Now there is something when we sit in a space and drift away thinking of those things that are most important to us at that specific moment in time. We all like to feel that good feeling if only we might be able to adequately explain. To capture with just the write words, heavenly. Not a poem but just a brief prose. It is like capturing a picture. I can dig it....

Whatever the case we should be writing because I do believe people are reading and we must always know what to say. You never know who is watching...Oh I forgot to tell you the other news report I heard on the late night news. Pole dancing for Jesus now that is when I had to turn it off and just tune into twitter. Now that deserved a tweet...A small statement that will draw a big thought.