Friday, March 25, 2011


Here we are in the middle of Ochocinco mania while the world is at war! Great another thing for us Americans to worry about...Meanwhile the FINAL Four is entering the Sweet 16 and are on the road to HOUSTON! What are you going to say about that if this isn’t news then what is? Well on the local front a small little town nestled on the Eastern Shore, considered a Main Street host its annual Restaurant Week to kick-off spring. No pun intended.

While Ochocinco finishes his first week of tryouts we await the winners of the weekend games! Well...I chose one team VCU and I have four more too choose before the weekend officially begins. VCU just because of my alma mater located in Hampton Roads and since Georgetown and Duke are out of it I cannot choose those two childhood teams that always give me basketball nostalgia like Allen Iverson...Where is A.I.?

But Ochocinco is where it's at right now because whether he is on twitter shooting the smack or loving it up you can anticipate another great showing of talent! What more can you ask for in America? Besides a good game of football! OH yeah…Peace in Africa!

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