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Prince Harry: Not Permitted by a King

Prince William is getting married and Prince Harry is his best man. Although journalist are looking closely at Prince Harry as the Washington Post states “The world is just wilder about Harry….”

Why are they calling Harry “The Spare Heir?” Williams little brother is a mountain trekker, a pilot and the next guy to the future King. “The Spare” according to The Washington Post. In the old days the spare would be dispatched abroad for strategic marital alliances. Nowadays they debate the point of sovereignty.

The reduction of Harry’s power by the Washington Post makes you wonder even more about this interesting young man who is his brothers “Best Man.” So far he has a dynamic life and what role will he play once his brother becomes king? Surely we know that sibling relationships are undisputed and he will factor prominently.

Although the story in our Nation’s Capital has him pegged like the plague since Williams first child will be next in line and then their first and so on and so forth. So will Harry go with the old antiquated tradition and marry off into some other prominent country's sovereignty? Harry definitely just wants to support his brother and is fond of his sister in law as he has stated.

I think by enticing Harry to the United States to marry a good ole American queen might just be divine. After all they don’t seem to appreciate the sovereignty of the spare in England so it seems. Who is this lucky catch, since Hollywood seems to be where we encapsulate our prominent figures who is up for the taking? Could Harry fall in love with an American gal or would the Queen not have it?

Well we do have sometime since right now we are worrying about Prince William and Harry is only a blur. He has time to grow and add on to his own royal pursuit because one thing we know for sure they will not be gifted to Harry. As long as we can keep Harry away from wild parties and swastika and if he can maintain focus. Harry will be a great add on to the throne and provide good company for his brother just in case he wants to let loose around the collar. Although we all know this is not permissible for the King.

Prince Harry's Life

Packing up to Leave Home

It is never easy to leave your comfort zone but for those of us who just love to go and see the world seeking something we love, travel is everything. However, getting geared up to go is the hard part, we never really want to leave the comforts of our home. So we take everything that we need to make sure that we are set up properly, home is where the heart is. This will be an interesting journey. “Just go do it already!”

When I left to go to Washington, DC I had prepared properly. Peace. I didn’t really want anything but a change of scenery and not to have to cook. Those two things were simple leave and stay in a hotel without a kitchen. Now off to see the Wizards although basketball playoffs were happening and the Wizards were in the offseason. Oh well there is plenty to do anyway…Museums maybe? Although, I was open to discoveries with those kindred spirits who always have a great vibe, I seek art during my travels.

I checked into a pretty fancy hotel not too much but just enough, family and friends. I should feel comfortable in my bed so I will not miss my house. The bed is one of the most prominent pieces in a loving home and my favorite place to tweet. Three of my top favorite “tweeters:” @mentalorgasm @joigilliam, and @uptshottest! Those three are the realest and quite interesting to dialogue with at any given moment, been with me from the start on twitter. Now I am taking them on the road.

Could not leave town with out my music. Since my new trusty Iphone is “Numero Uno” in the audio media business that should not be a problem. Always can tune into Itunes or YouTube. My trip was ready to go and the “choo choo” train was pulling out that’s my text message sound. “All A Board!” Washington, DC hadn’t really changed to me, although I didn’t see much Chocolate…Red Line Metro!

When I arrived I set up an interview with “Bella” from She was exciting! She was art in the purest form. I was lucky to catch up with her. Never a dull moment we took pictures in the dark, laid in front a flowerbed on the hotel lawn. This chick understands improvisation. She gave me a brief moment in her mind and then she was off to the city like a whirlwind affair.

Next day

We were hiking with @supergirlinc another soul survivor friend. Been there through the thick and thin knew this would be an easy breezy conversation, just interested in a little outlook on life. We met at the Monument, hung out on The Mall and said cheers to baby Jesus and Jah Rastafari before hiking to the Madarin Hotel. No! @supergirlinc was not staying there, that is not her style anymore, she discussed this new person, “Life After Bad Boy.” She is a much natural spirit who appreciates the birds and the tree,s a VA native at birth.

The Big Apple was something in in "SuperGirls" past and she let it be known, after that talk decided to paddle boat on the waterfront and reflect on artistic business. Those two femme fatales represented just that. This trip was coming to an end and my social ecology sight was vamped and curated with the top female dimensions to curate to post on the walls and timelines on Tumblr, Twitter, or Bloggerspot.

This weekend getaway was the turning point into the artistic journey. Realizing I was always in search of inspiration and real live action. Allowing myself to be moved by God and seek the creative flow of life’s energies made me that same kindred spirit wanting to inspire. It is a must to interact and share vital ideas and information in the purest form, art.

So the last day was spent picking up a few fashion pieces. DC has the best in fashion the town is pretty much made up of boutiques reminded me of home. As I drifted back to the bay I knew this was only the beginning of where I was going. Washington, DC was definitely the kickoff and staying in touch with folks to discuss and plan excursions through a travel blog would definitely keep the creative adrenaline pumping. I was recreating myself, becoming a social enigma and about to ooze with creative ideas.

Discovering Yourself While Away…Stay Up with People

I guess this is what “Eat Pray Love” is about the artistic inspirational journey, be inspired. “The Neverending Story” you never want it to end. So when you can defy Mercury and jet set to the moon on a beautiful Sagittarian day hitting up any social networks to see what is popping. You are definitely what is happening, keeping those inspired, the mind wanderer for folks everywhere.

Staying on the latest trends in music, thoughts and clothes, stay tuned for more to come. To Be Cont...On The Ground Running!