Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince Harry: Not Permitted by a King

Prince William is getting married and Prince Harry is his best man. Although journalist are looking closely at Prince Harry as the Washington Post states “The world is just wilder about Harry….”

Why are they calling Harry “The Spare Heir?” Williams little brother is a mountain trekker, a pilot and the next guy to the future King. “The Spare” according to The Washington Post. In the old days the spare would be dispatched abroad for strategic marital alliances. Nowadays they debate the point of sovereignty.

The reduction of Harry’s power by the Washington Post makes you wonder even more about this interesting young man who is his brothers “Best Man.” So far he has a dynamic life and what role will he play once his brother becomes king? Surely we know that sibling relationships are undisputed and he will factor prominently.

Although the story in our Nation’s Capital has him pegged like the plague since Williams first child will be next in line and then their first and so on and so forth. So will Harry go with the old antiquated tradition and marry off into some other prominent country's sovereignty? Harry definitely just wants to support his brother and is fond of his sister in law as he has stated.

I think by enticing Harry to the United States to marry a good ole American queen might just be divine. After all they don’t seem to appreciate the sovereignty of the spare in England so it seems. Who is this lucky catch, since Hollywood seems to be where we encapsulate our prominent figures who is up for the taking? Could Harry fall in love with an American gal or would the Queen not have it?

Well we do have sometime since right now we are worrying about Prince William and Harry is only a blur. He has time to grow and add on to his own royal pursuit because one thing we know for sure they will not be gifted to Harry. As long as we can keep Harry away from wild parties and swastika and if he can maintain focus. Harry will be a great add on to the throne and provide good company for his brother just in case he wants to let loose around the collar. Although we all know this is not permissible for the King.

Prince Harry's Life

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