Sunday, November 14, 2010


I love when people say that to me, because I always have an answer or dead silence just brings it back. Seasoned with age thats how you gotta do it. No expecting things just do it. So I been watching film for about a year constantly nah about five years constantly and reviewing every possible thing. It is so exciting to see the hidden details and the conspiracy theories start to rise. That aint what Im talking about I just want to write my own. It is all good anyway I been in the business making all kinds of connects that was the easy part, being creative was really hard. I cant seem to fathom how deep I can go and it is so hard to talk about it.

...So I just watch the basics now kids flicks or family genre. The avant garde, subtitled foreign films was confusing the hell out of me. I just needed one act, two act, three act. I got it! I been knew how to do it just got to get your courage up. Its just something to say my problem is writing disciplined writing everyday especially when you can keep your whole movie in your head sort of like the Jay Z of film, yes I said it. I watch so much I know what my movie about oh but then it is the ending. The ending is so hard because I always hate Spikes endings, so mine has to be spectacular. Although when you get caught up in the ending the other part falls apart. Ok look now just make an outline with everything you write there must be an outline or you can use a template and go from there. Look shit I didnt say it was easy.

So start watching movies and jot down some ideas oh boy I have loads of notebooks. Can you dig it? I can dig it out but you know what I am just going to start by organizing my life and having a clear head and then the ideas will spawn. You know they say the character takes control and your audience should love your character. Ok sort of like that movie with Queen Latifah when the author was talking to the character, oh I dont remember the title. Now its a new year for film and somethings got to get done...Stay Tuned