Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mercury oh Mercury...Move Us Forward!

I have always lived under a retro since birth. I have perfected my ability to speak. I am working on my delivery of words. I have encountered folks that spit the word easily and now I mark my own words carefully. I can't let communication go I must speak and literate my mind for you. Can I do that for you to understand me?

The key is to always question...The words you hear, the words you speak and the words you think. Everything you say is marked and will be translated and saved in the minds of others. I want you to know exactly what I am trying to say for my impression is most important. So when I feel Mercury I know it is the propellant that activates and delivers the exact message.

As it stalls have no fear we must just double check, gain a greater understanding and appreciate everything for what it is worth. How will your words deliver and be received as you think very carefully about what you want to say. After all the words are our thoughts translated and we want that to be clear. We must all share our thoughts now and forever to manifest destiny.

Thanks Mercury for allowing this communicable opportunity and the capability to speak and give speech as fast or as slow, so when you rest I honor you and take my time with you. Your energy is necessary to check and balance, cut and paste verbs in order to do. The words and sounds that bring us together and take us apart....Just speak!

"God Moves.."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Artistic Transition

It is not easy...And considering I want to take on film! The limitation of resources makes everything so much more harder. That's fine because film
Is everything! It is visual, it is feeling, it is texture and most important it is lights and sound! But first you must write....

I will write every moment I have, an affirmation. On my last move I got rid of so many journals. I had to because they were clogging my space and going nowhere! I have to reorganize and chronicle things differently. To inspire myself and extrapolate those necessary stories I come across in life. This new age of technology has provided us the ability to record, translate, relate and pretend....

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Onslaught of New Media Journalism

As the “Social Media Platforms” take the world by storm we are witnessing New Media Journalism at an all time high, as we bust into 2012 watching The International CES Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the International CES Conference the latest digital technology for “New Media” and “Social Platforms” resurrect for the independent blogger and online distribution mechanisms offering the latest for Bloggers and Online Digital Media Makers to learn and grow within the latest media enhancements, and technological conduits to create all kinds of online story, while witnessing various trending topics in social media. As social media becomes the new term for journalistic reporting, newspapers and television move to the background becoming runner up to new media journalism. Meanwhile, the film industry pokes around learning innovative ideas in new media dodging the next Titanic, while remembering the music industry debunked by Napster.