Monday, January 9, 2012

The Onslaught of New Media Journalism

As the “Social Media Platforms” take the world by storm we are witnessing New Media Journalism at an all time high, as we bust into 2012 watching The International CES Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the International CES Conference the latest digital technology for “New Media” and “Social Platforms” resurrect for the independent blogger and online distribution mechanisms offering the latest for Bloggers and Online Digital Media Makers to learn and grow within the latest media enhancements, and technological conduits to create all kinds of online story, while witnessing various trending topics in social media. As social media becomes the new term for journalistic reporting, newspapers and television move to the background becoming runner up to new media journalism. Meanwhile, the film industry pokes around learning innovative ideas in new media dodging the next Titanic, while remembering the music industry debunked by Napster.

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