Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amanda Hesser Talks about Food52

Amanda Hesser is a doll set perfectly as your kitchen friend with her small stature and personal charm she brings love for the kitchen and it shows. Beginning her career making pretzels in Germany and broadening a career in the United States as an editor for the NY TIMES then marrying Tad Friend, Amanda has some kind of life. Not to mention lucky enough for twins it is all about Amanda has become a totally independent journalist still moving about the kitchen to make what we all love, food.

"Muse" had the opportunity to talk with Amanda where she let us know it is all about community cooking with Food52 as it becomes the community food network for favorite cooks and recipes. Amanda takes all her time now interacting with others who love food as much as herself. She developed this love from her own family as tradition grew into her very own book The Essential NY Times Cookbook.

Amanda continues to operate her test kitchen with Merrill, her Food52 partner. As they work side by side reviewing recipes for everyone's kitchen while answering everyone's questions and interacting with Food52 visitors and the many thoughts and ideas about food and cooking. Amanda knows how to reel you in as she shares her kitchen ideas. Expanding as a writer with family in tow, Amanda is led by a family of great cooks. She knows how to keep tradition alive in the kitchen and in the community.

Check out "Cooking for Mr. Latte" as Amanda shares her courtship with her husband, Tad Friend. She definitely knows how to write a story, having written over 750. Amanda is now looking to write about others and share their personal stories after integrating her own life in most of her writing. Amanda Hesser is an amazing person and great to talk to check out her books and love for the kitchen at Food52!

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