Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cannes Controversial Cinema

What is a film festival? Controversy and confrontation or is it entertainment and glitz? While directors like Lars Von Trier and many other Europeans continue to enlist movies, film critics like Ebert convene mid-Spring and check out the best of cinema, Film d'Art. This all takes place on a seaport off the Mediterranean Sea not far from war in the Middle East/North Africa. The Cannes Film Festival selects it's best!

Jurors like Robert Dinero and movies with names like Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst go on display with the the greatest directors, Shekar Kapur. However, this year's festival left one director out of the press box after foul comments, Lars Von Trier. No surprise while another film had it's debut despite a country's displeasure with the story content. If we were to make a movie about a festival, Cannes would definitely be a great choice sure bet to captivate an audience. Cannes Film Festival confronts audiences, provides a worldview on cinema and erupts out of a sea to host a world audience amongst war and protest.

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