Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can We get Ready For some Football?

Ray Didinger blames the fans and the owners and states, “Fans are angry about the lockout and they are showing it.” The new schedule is out but fans are not enthusiastic because they don’t know if there should be excitement. Thoughts loom about doing something different on Autumn Sundays. Are the fans really blaming both the owners and the players? Who started this lockout anyway? Well we do know the next court date is May 16, 2011 and we should know a little bit more than…!

In other NFL news some late greats have past, Jim Mandich, Gene Gossage. No NFL on TV so we heard contracts, locked out. You can hear about Ochocinco on twitter and you can watch and get the full story as he tweets about workouts, Soccer and his life, always much love to his fans. So do the players want to play or is it all about the money?

Well according to Didinger they better listen up to the fans and consider all parties, it is not just about the owners or the players. I know as soon as the Seahawks got wind of the lockout lift coach Pete Carroll opened up the doors and passed out playbooks. The short interruption allowed calls to be made and playbooks to get in the mail before the doors were locked again. Sounds like players were ready!

Ochocinco reported the NFL Commissioner made a call to him I guess just to check on his twitter etiquette or perhaps to congratulate Ochocinco on his Soccer Tryouts. One can only guess about the NFL as league owners protect their interest and players create their own public persona while unemployed football players.

Bleach Report makes claims “if the NFL loses its request to grant a stay on the NFL lockout, it could cease to become a business and shutdown completely.” That is if the NFL owners do not get what they want, then who would be the blame for the NFL total lockout? This might force the players to accept the owner’s terms, to begin the games and ensure a better deal for owners in 2011.

Whatever the case most news reports just want to report a deal and a new season. Fans are tired of the legal jargon: decertification and litigation. We already know football brings in the most revenue world wide because the fans love the game but even more TV contracts. So will there be a football season because the players want to go to work and owners could stand to lose money.

That’s if owners haven’t already secured their TV contracts, could cause revenue loss then or are they already secured?. There are claims that the NFL has secured TV contracts to prevent loss of revenue in 2011, in case there is a lockout all season. There maybe a DirectTV contract. Nevertheless; the NFL generates the bulk of their monies, through very large TV deals. According to Neilsen in 2008 five of the top ten single events were NFL related.

Can we get ready for some football? One can only hope at this point or else we will just watch more Reality TV and hope Ochocinco has a show!

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