Friday, May 6, 2011

Ochocinco U Stream

"The judge does not define the turning point in her opinions, but it is clear in reading them that she was enormously impressed with a series of affidavits (sworn, written statements) from Berthelsen and knowledgeable player agents that described the precarious nature of an NFL career. Sitting out an entire season, the affidavits explained, would result in "diminishment of skills that would shorten or end the careers of some players." according to ESPN Commentary

Well why are the NFL Players still in a "lock-out?" Due to a temporary stay order granted to owners as they appeal to higher courts. Now NFL players are still restricted away from NFL facilities, leaving them without pay, health insurance, rehabilitation and sights of a NFL the clock ticks. How long will this last? Well the owners could very well abandon a season, their commissioner has reduced his salary down to a single dollar. Besides the NFL produces the most revenue of any sports league in the world.

"..ever-present risk of career-ending injury and the constant physical wear and tear on players' bodies." The owners offered nothing in response to the descriptions of players' plights, so those descriptions of the uncertainties and dangers of NFL careers were uncontradicted. Nelson was clearly impressed. If they were not the turning point for Nelson, the affidavits were a major factor."
states Lester Munson on ESPN Commentary

However, will higher courts appeal. Not likely since Judge Nelson has done her homework according to Munson. Owner's attorneys relied on everything to convince Judge Nelson. Although she was adamant that relying on prior Supreme Court decisions was "deeply flawed" as owners attorneys hoped for her to look at the Labor Relations Board. Quite frankly the owners are trying to reconsider the rule that governs monopolies; which control entire markets, however the players have decertified and filed an antitrust law on the lockout. A major move against owners, while owners stall for time and money.

Now players wait to play a game they love, while fans sit on "pins and needles," and the owners fight basing arguments on a case known as "American Needle." Meanwhile in OCNN Breaking News, live news feed covering play by play Ochocinco action off the football field. Ochocinco is where it's happening...while he works out during the lockout to maintain his athletic prowess and power. Ochocinco does keep out of trouble while entertaining and having fun, the same as he enjoys himself on the field.

The games have only begun? As Judges decide the fate of the NFL by reenforcing the Sherman Act (antitrust laws) and keeping the interest of the public, we love football! Ochocinco definitely keeps his fans in mind, All Eyes on Ocho! We cannot wait to see what Chad will do next, meanwhile owners appeal to avoid sharing a profit with their NFL players. Keep Your Head Up and just watch Ochocinco! He will display his superior athletic talent sharing workout strategies on twitter, just plain thoughts, bull riding plans, while being charismatic and cool. In the words of Ochocinco "What Lockout? I Salut U, Child Please!"

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