Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

Im watching movie scenes. I am planning to shoot a short film. What is a short film just a quick glimpse of miniature scenes that begin and end to create a miniature story. I am the camera woman, the actress and the set director. Oh and the costume chick. Just don't know exactly what she will be doing besides self appreciation. So I figured I would go to brunch and write some ideas of self appreciation and brain storm this world she lives in. Wait a minute what is her name?

What is in a name? Lots for some, although it clearly can't define a whole person. It can only really make an initial statement that helps you create an outline to lay out who you really are at that moment. Most are changing, although some are staying the same. So those that are changing have to introduce every time. That is what the name does introduces you and then you lay out the blueprint.

So I have already designed the idea for this short because ultimately I want this character to introduce herself through her glory. Introduction through her appreciation of herself and feeling all the amazing things she is inside. Should not be hard although the intricacies must be perfect. I am excited are you. What do we do when we first get up and appreciate ourselves? Look out the window at the sun filled sky. Giving honor to the greater picture that guides us and gives us light.

Light is a character because as the sun goes down we seek the artificial. Seeking the artificial sucks especially as humans we should seek what is natural candles I need candles. I have a prior short that was done using candles and it was amazing with an artist that sings. So this art is visual she can bring song to pictures and that is what this short will do. Thanks so much for allowing me to share and get into my world as I walk you through amazing picture stories with words and dimensions unknown.

Seek yourself!

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