Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bridesmaids or Thor?

If numbers are enough to drive you to the movies you might want to pick Thor or Bridesmaids, based on ratings either or will suffice. But movies are personal preference or character driven, right? With an unexpected 24.6 million dollars during opening weekend who is in Bridesmaids? I know for a raunchy comedic chick flick this is your ideal date movie touching friendship, love, transformations and beginnings. Men are allowed representing 33 percent of Bridesmaids viewers.

In this all too ordinary film, Bridesmaids is all about women spewing their heart and bodily instincts to reach happily ever after. From the producer of Knocked UP and Forty Year Old Virgin Judd Apatow shows he has a formula for comedies in the box office and a feel for human transformations as he aims for a broader audience. Although Thor, which attracts the whole family, is in its second week, leading the box office with the total family formula for success.

With Pirates of the Caribbean on its way, along with Kung Fu Panda II we have greater expectations. If Thor can continue to captivate the family after Memorial Weekend despite cult followers who love Captain Jack and Jack Black numbers will definitely reveal something to studios about their next characters. Will Thor deserve a repeat for studios since tried and true seems to be the thing to do?

However, ladies chick flicks are on the rise too now if Bridesmaids can continue to do well and critics enjoy of course. Bridesmaids are full of laughs, not your typical sap tale drama tearjerker but offering hardcore grit. Meanwhile with numbers above the 50 percentile in opening weekend Bridesmaids is a cut above the rest. As Jumping the Broom an African American wedding story is creeping behind slowly opening the same weekend alongside Thor. One thing for sure going to the movies is still the ice cream on the “Cakebaby!”

No pun intended, just go see Bridesmaids….

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