Monday, May 23, 2011

Cannes Film Depictions

This year a controversial festival kicked off with films kicked out. Lars Von Trier was booted from the festival after having the press in his hands for once according to Lars Von Trier told press he understood Hitler after entering a controversial film titled Melancholia. With a jury headed up by Robert Dinero the winner was a Brad Pitt hit.

Terrance Malick’s latest wins Top Cannes,” states headlines while Malick was too shy to accept the award. The Tree of Life after a booing in opening nights won the Palm D’or. Pitt defended Malick by stating, “an artist should not have to be a salesman.” With mixed messages initially for the film Brad Pitt plays “a brutally stern father.”

The festival contestants undergo trials amongst a jury after they have left. The consideration and deliberations are constant amongst critics as they remain and offer constant thoughts chewing and digesting the films played and replayed in Cannes a small beach resort.

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