Sunday, May 29, 2011

Talk about Good Films

After a conversation with Doug Sadler this week about the Chesapeake Film Festival and his life as an Independent Film Artist it has been more interesting to watch the film industry. The decentralization has impacted film and the artist within it. Independent filmmaking is proliferating all across the board with Documentaries on various subjects and Narratives focusing on relationships. How does the market survive as Doug explains the industry and curates a Film Festival on the Eastern Shore of Maryland along with his supporting cast and crew is the question. Doug says “Money!”

Let the festivals begin! Cannes theaters just let out while Sundance wrapped it up at the end of January. There are more big International Film Festivals like Cannes starting later in the year as Chesapeake Film Festival prepares for their Fourth Annual Film Event. Schedules are being created and movies are being talked about. Doug and the Crew scour all the latest films premiering this last year. One thing for sure they all know the best film and believe in Chesapeake Film Festival.

The Festival started planning five years ago after an initial spearhead group sparked it up, after Doug finished touring Swimmers a film shot in Easton, MD. Swimmers was nominated for the Humanitas Prize at Sundance Film Festival and Won a New American Cinema Award. Chesapeake Festival does not offer awards since they are only a small event. Nonetheless, they are always in the races showing the best everywhere from France to New York premiering Dogtooth last year, a controversial film and Cannes winner!

Doug Sadler is a resident of NY City where he is putting together his own team of film artists in the area of animators, directors, cinematographers and the likes. Doug is ready for this New Film Industry while Big Production houses are creating 3D cinema, working with those small distribution outlets, Doug knows indie film! He is working on scripts all the time and shopping for the next Big Story while trying to create a main event Festival on the Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

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