Sunday, March 6, 2011

I want to see RANGO!!

I love Johnny Depp! I appreciate him in a family animation, although I was never a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean. My quest to find Johnny Depp films is all based on wanting to see if he acts well. I often do not recognize him throughout the film. He is "The Actor" and he does embody each and every character. One of my favorite J.D. films is Willie Wonka, because he had the best lines while he held that stiff pensive face. The whole movie you almost did not know it was J.D. In Alice in Wonderland he was no longer beautiful.

Now he is a masked character in total animation. What will his voice embody, pure genius. I cant wait until he goes to the next phase and decides to do soft porn or something. Although he is a family man and I am sure he is walking through the stages of fatherhood. J.D. is amazing and I just love his family cult films that we will always remember. Rango topped the weekend with 38 million and I am not surprised. Go Johnny!!

Alice grossed 116 million on opening weekend but of course everybody knows Alice. Johnny just can draw the crowd and I would predict once the buzz gets out which decides if this is a decent film, numbers will be steady. I cant wait to see RANGO! Now whether I decide to go and see it in the theater that is the question.

I have recently begun to love watching films in the comforts of my own home. The luxury of the theater has lost its luster since moving to the Eastern Shore. I know longer have the excitement of big city lights, rushing to the box office to make the opening credits or catching that before or after dinner entree. Does that say it is better to have dinner and a movie in the city? Is it the culture of the city to do such a thing?

I know that getting the DVD and having and holding the film in your own possession while you listen to the critics talk is pure excitement. Then you watch the prices go up and down in Target to eventually catch it on a Previously viewed Blockbuster shelf. After taking it home and watching it numerous times to pick up your favorite lines, while enjoying the films every moment. Now I think that is amazing.

OH but the joys of the large movie theaters are like no other if you got great seats, big theaters and brights lights upon walking out to the hustle and bustle is definitely facebook material. So what is it that is so important about seeing a movie? I mean this is how we begin to follow actors like Johnny Depp to make him a household name while he moves in and out of strange characters like Rango. We all do appreciate the great entertainment because what we do know is movies are like no other, no matter whether it is Johnny Depp or Ed Norton. A good film is a good film either seen in a theater or your living room. It is just where you want to spend your money!

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