Sunday, July 31, 2011

Economic Boom Hiss

The NY Jets according to ESPN signed Plaxico Burress to a one-year contract announced this morning. ESPN reports Plaxico Burress contract is worth 3.017 million dollars. Plaxico Burress shopped with The Giants, The Steelers, and The 49ers before teaming with Santonio Holmes for a Wide Receiver “tandem” and football money exchange. Players began shifting Monday post-NFL lockout.

Santonio Holmes contract is five years 50 million dollars.

More weekend deals: Thursday Chad Ochocinco signed to Patriots exchanging two draft picks. ESPN reports state, "the Bengals shaved 6 million dollars for trading Ochocinco."

Saints agree to four-year deal with Darren Sproles paying more than San Diego Chargers. Ray Edwards makes a five-year deal with the Falcons for 30 million dollars. Nnamdi Asomugha and the Eagles agree to a five-year deal with 25 million guaranteed totaling a possible 60 million dollars according to Adam Shefter. Eagles also signed Quarterback Vince Young and Cullen Jenkins signed a five-year agreement worth 25 million dollars.

Meanwhile in other entertainment news, “Cowboys and Aliens” trails “Smurfs” closing Friday’s box office at 12.9 million dollars while Smurfs topped at 13.3 million dollars, a surprising defeat and bigger expectations for “Smurfs” after Saturday’s matinee reports.

Budget for “Cowboys and Aliens” is anywhere from 160 million to 200 million, finishing anywhere below 38 million in the debut lessens chances for profitability. Smurfs has a 110 million price tag. “Spy Kids 4” is the next movie on deck to compete in the box office.

Fiscal discipline is good for growth according to NY Times reports thus the reason for recent six-month lockout in the NFL, among other things. While congress debates economic growth is slowed, figures announced on Friday shows United States could “shrink our way into bankruptcy.”

We are facing the largest budget deficit at 1.6 Trillion dollars, which is 11 percent of our economy. Let us play football and/or go to the movies and forget all these debt troubles.

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