Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tattoo Migration

Tattoo parlors are speckled along the Eastern Shore and this weekend Crossbones Tattoo parlor made their debut with a grand opening in Stevensville, Maryland. Parlor owner relocated to the Eastern Shore of Maryland with his daughter to move closer to his mom who was diagnosed with cancer taking a risk after leaving Myrtle Beach for a more family oriented community on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He laments on the idea of hosting a more risque tattoo crowd like in nearby city Baltimore, Maryland. He states, "On the Eastern Shore you have your typical duck and butterfly folks."

Crossbones tattoo parlor is a family oriented zone with everything from kids coloring books to pool tables and guitars hanging on the walls. Following the likes of real life television shows like NY and Miami Ink, tattoos are still the hot form to express your creative side and artistic form on your body. It is necessary to check out the sterility and reputation of all tattoo artist due to the exchange of blood during the tattoo process. Good recommendations and meeting to talk with your tattoo artist is highly recommended for trust and honest tattoo work.

Tattoo parlors today are very comfortable and a relaxed atmosphere set up for any family member although you must be 18 with ID to receive the service.

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