Monday, April 18, 2011

Easton a Jewel on The Chesapeake Bay

Veering off of Route 50 East or turning on any of the main arteries will take you to the best little small town located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. When you arrive in Easton, MD no need for a road map, the town is a grid that runs a short distance North and South and just a little longer East and West. The perfect little map. If you go too far west you will hit a small inlet of water but you don’t want to miss this luxurious little treasure hunt fully equipped with the best church option. YOu wold haven't to miss a service or a beat, If you come at the right time. Around the first of September you catch oyster season and The Chesapeake Film Festival.

The Chesapeake Film Festival is a volunteer organization set up for a weekend in September to present the best films and filmmakers worldwide. In this town you will feel right at home while visiting. Any one of the town members will help you get in touch and there are a number of the best you want to find local events. For a writer this sounds like just the place to kick back for a weekend getaway or stay awhile. All of the main streets have a store, this lil small town was made for shopping. Get a hotel and stay awhile to sip some coffee or drink some tea you will find Easton is quite a luxury at least for those who know how to live and enjoy life.

It is all about living and everybody knows that in this little town with a little over 16,000 inhabitants. The Chesapeake Film Festival puts together a number of engagements that culminate a tour of the whole town exhibiting the flair of every restauranteur. Gearing the other weekend to present a number of films while raising money, showcasing food or hosting the main event amidst a variety of small shops to keep you coming back for more. This place is unique and perfect for souvenirs and personal treats to take home while you go on a cultural tour. It feels like you are traveling abroad.

A real tranquil feeling in Easton, Maryland this main street town offers everything in a city. Did I mention there is a museum?

You might find a traveling author writing about the place or presenting book already written already. The Academy of Art Museum’s galleries will always enrich you with an authentic artistic explosion from a National Museum accompanied by a free children's art event on the weekend. Did I mention The Avalon Theater is kicking off a weekly concert and you might get lucky and catch Wynton Marsalis' weekend to visit or maybe even a comedy event for a REAL interesting occasion. I once the Greatest and Terrific Eddie Bryant, this town is fun and courageously bold located on the Eastern Shore. Just don’t expect to stay out too late or better yet grab a bite to eat early or you might be eating Wendy’s late night if you get too hungry. YOu dont want to have to do that here.

However, brunch is first thing in the morning and you have only just begun in this small lil town. Early morning farmers markets will greet you and tiny market places are rich with local crops and crafts during the summer season. Easton is definitely some fun a real treasure hunt that could never be duplicated. Either culture or trade this once capital has of the Eastern Shore, Easton will definitely show you and delight you. The restaurants are like no other and the prices are a good range along with your usual local carryout express or sit down fine dining you will get specialized courses and not just seafood.

The top chefs here have a variety of delectable entrees. Or if you prefer some authentic Spanish cuisine venture into our Hispanic neighborhood decipher the menu to pick a big burrito or fajita to taste true Hispanic carryout. There is everything here.

Whether restaurant, a festival, art or music this small town is chock full of fun and you will never walk away forgetting what you took away here and you will definitely like it and want to come back. Easton, MD a small seat on the Eastern Shore located in Talbot County birthplace of Frederick Douglass. A beautiful plush town just off the bay or the highway.

So if the Chesapeake Film Festival doesn’t grab you for a planned weekend getaway then maybe just one of the restaurants might pull you in for a day trip. Our shops stay stocked with the best novelties. Easton is full of the riches gifts that most will never find anywhere else. Why not come and have a bite to eat or watch a movie in a small town on the Easton Shore that is full of energy and friendly folk who love to say "Hello."

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