Sunday, July 10, 2011

What does the comedian stand for in 2011?

Eddie Bryant a famous DC comedian talks about comedy now and comedy then. As he poses with Earthquake at LOL Comedy Club this past Friday a frequent act at LOL comedy club along with numerous other acts who perform live across the nation and in the DC, Maryland and Virginia. Eddie is pictured on stage doing his comedy and talking about the history of the black comedian.

Earthquake and Eddie B are pictured Friday night at LOL Comedy both Washington, DC natives. Eddie Bryant is pushing through the comedy movement post Def Comedy Jam with his formula for standup comedians. He knows what it takes to get out there and tell the truth, as all comedians must know. Eddie books the shows for Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club while he tours jumping on and off the comedy stage nationwide full force.

Eddie is a very serious comedian referencing politics, media and social antics. Eddie uses twitter, facebook and all social media access to publicly display his raw talent. We were glad to catch up with Eddie with his busy schedule and get his thoughts on comedy and what is expected of the black comedian then and now.

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